‘Laxman Rekha’ Latest Tv Ad Song 2016

Laxman Rekha Chalk for Cockroaches mp3 tv ad song for freeLaxman Rekha is a cockroach repellant, a three inch chalk that restricts the coming of cockroaches, ants, lizards, and other small insects. The chemical used in it is also capable of killing cockroaches; people just need to draw a simple line around the food basket, utensils rack and other food item to keep them safe from cockroaches.

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Latest Tv Ad song ‘Laxman rekha’ for free.

Tv actor shilpa shinde represent the product of ‘laxman rekha’ which is very much affordable at a price of Rs. 16

‘Laxman Rekha’ Tv ad song free download in mp3 format.

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